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Recommendations on protecting Telegram accounts

Due to the spread of hacking of Telegram users’ accounts, KZ-CERT recommends following the below recommendations to minimize possible risks:

  • use multi-factor authentication with a complex password, combining upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, unique passwords in Telegram settings;
  • avoid opening suspicious links and entering credentials on unknown resources. If you receive a message or link from an unknown sender or from someone pretending to be a representative of Telegram or another service, do not hurry to click on it or enter your data;
  • use a secure connection and get connected to a secure Wi-Fi or VPN network;
  • update your software and install the latest versions of applications and operating system;
  • be careful with your SIM card and do not give it to unauthorized persons;
  • check and adjust your account privacy settings;
  • ignore messages from strangers;
  • regularly back up important information;
  • end sessions on other people’s devices after using your own accounts;
  • regularly check active sessions in your accounts.

Earlier, Kcell’s IS specialist notified the IS community (chat https://t.me/certkznews) that no account hijacking vulnerabilities have been identified in the Kcell network based on the results of the audit.

“We recommend that users use two-factor authentication with a complex password,” he added.