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On April 17, 2008, a republican state enterprise on the basis of the right of economic management "Centre of Technical Support and Analysis in Telecommunications" was established under the Agency on Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the decree of government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


On January 28, 2013, the republican state enterprise with the right of economic management CTSAT was renamed to the republican state enterprise with the right of economic management "State Technical Service" by the government decision. Ministry of Transport and Communications was designated as an administrative body for enterprise governance. ("On some state technical service issues", Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 28, 2013 №49)


A number of activities on developing and supporting the cetifying centres, such as Root Certification Centre, National Certification Centre, and Certification Centre of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was transferred to the JSC STS. Thereby, public key infrastructure became attributed as a state monopoly as well.


With the regulatory body request, the JSC STS implemented a project to create a mobile number portability system (MNP), which allowed citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan to switch between mobile service providers while preserving their existing number. Since January 1, 2016, information systems have been running under compliance tests for the information security requirements. The key objective of these tests is to increase fault-tolerance and security of information systems, to assess the conformity of network infrastructure protection functions, as well as to reduce the number of bugs and vulnerabilities in the source code.


The National Security Committee is designated as administrative body of the JSC STS. Besides, there was also an establishment of the National Coordination Centre for Information Security, which unified KZ-CERT, e-government information security monitoring and telecommunications network management services.


Due to the need for JSC STS to narrow specialization on information security issues, communications and public key infrastructure activities were excluded. Furthermore, JSC STS have taken over the maintenance of radio frequency spectrum and radio-electronic tools monitoring system along with the calculation of electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic tools and high-frequency devices of civil purpose. Public key infrastructure management functions are handed over to the National Information Technologies joint stock company. Consequently, the STS operates on state monopoly activities in the sphere of Informatization and Information Security.


"NCCIS created and implemented its Analytical System that increased threat identification performance against Telecommunications Network of governmental and quasi- governmental sectors and owners of critical information and communication infrastructures facilities. Main transformation stage of e-government information security monitoring of informatizaton facilities that raised the awareness of the authorized bodies on information security about e-government informatization facilities condition in order to increase the effectiveness of implementing a government policy in the field of information security, which involves following activity. Launching IP-addresses Catalogue to systematize the data of telecom operators’ subscribers. Moreover, JSC STS developed and implemented a helpdesk system for UGIA/UGEM/ITEP issues."


"On October 1, 2020, by the order of the Government the republican state enterprise JSC STS was reorganized through transforming into a joint-stock company with full state equity involvement. Safe DNS system that prevents users from visiting malicious, phishing, and spam web sites was implemented as well."