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A single gateway for Internet access

JSC “STS” provides effective support and ensures the non-objective operation of a Single Gateway to the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the UNION) – a hardware and software complex designed to protect telecommunications networks when accessing the Internet and (or) communication networks with Internet access.

Thanks to SGIA, only since the beginning of the current year, more than 50 million people have been blocked in the relations of state bodies.

SGIA inserts into himself:

intrusion prevention system, predictable for detecting and blocking network threats;
firewall systems at the application level, which allows you to identify and control requests generated by various kinds of software, including malware;
a web application protection firewall that allows you to record and block attacks on web applications aimed at obtaining unauthorized access to this and their modification;
a network “sandbox”, intended to detect complex targets in an isolated protected cre (“sandbox”);
web filtering, which allows protecting the access of users of the telecommunications network, Internet–connected devices, to Internet resources (hereinafter referred to as IR) through the mediation of their categorization;
mediation of monitors of unauthorized changes to a web page, allowing automatic display of modifications and distortion of the web page and malicious images, as well as to recreate Internet resources to the original state;

Currently, telecom operators with their own communication channels are connected to the Union:

Kazakhtelecom JSC;
Astel JSC ;
Jusan Mobile JSC ;
Transtelecom JSC;
TNS-plus LLP;
KaR-Tel LLP;
Mobile Telecom-Service LLP;
Kazteleport JSC;
Alma Telecommunications Kazakhstan JSC;