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Unified e-mail gateway of “electronic government”

JSC “STS” provides effective support and ensures the uninterrupted operation of the Unified Gateway of e-mail “electronic government” (hereinafter – ESEP) – a hardware and software complex that ensures the protection of e-mail “electronic government” in accordance with the requirements of information security.

The SES includes:

mail security gateway;
protection against malware;
comprehensive protection against spam;
protection based on blacklists;
sandbox is a means of safely launching suspicious files to provide protection against zero–day attacks (unknown/unsigned).

About 500,000 emails pass through the ESEP every day, of which about 185,000 are spam mailings or contain malicious software.

Currently, 224 electronic mail systems are connected to the ESEP.

Thanks to the use of ESDI and ESEP, e-mail is protected from malicious software and spam mailings.