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International Technical Cooperation

Our Services:

Red Team Services:

  • Continious pentest
  • Vulnarability assesment
  • Redteam exercise
  • Penetration testing (manual pentest)
  • Providing assessment of the security status of devices connected to the Internet

Blue Team Services:

  • Malware analysisas a servise
  • Threat intelligence
  • Analytical reports on APT threats and statistics on threats in specific industries and regions
  • Up-to-date information on cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Access to research related to new tactics, methods, and procedures used by cybercriminals


Building National Cyber Security Infrastructure:

  • Consulting for the construction of «electronic» border
  • Consulting for building secure telecommunications networks for accessing the Internet for governmental agencies and the corporate sector
  • Building of the «electronic border of the state» with DPI, protection against DDoS attacks
  • Building systems analyzing network traffic for cyber security incidents
  • Building systems automatic scanning of the Internet

Big Data & Machine Learning:

  • Data analysis within the organization in accordance with TOGAF.
  • Implementation of data quality management solutions.
  • Implementation of data documentation/structuring solutions.
  • Implementation of data integration solutions, including streaming data.
  • Implementation of a solution based on the LakeHouse approach.
  • Implementation of machine learning-based solutions.

We are open to new challenges and solving complex tasks.

Each project is evaluated individually according to the request.

If you are interested in our services, please email us at sales@sts.kz