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Interaction with operational information security centers

The list of organizations licensed to operate as Operational Information Security Centers (OCIS).

  1. “Center for analysis and investigation of cyber-attacks” ALE (TSARKA)
  2. “National information technologies” JSC
  3. “Transtelecom” JSC
  4. “Cyber one” LLP
  5. “KBI Security” LLP
  6. “Kazteleport” JSC
  7. “MSSP.GL” LLP (“Kazdream Teсhnologies”)
  8. “QazCloud” LLP
  9. “QazInfoTech Systems” LLP 
  10. “Business & Technology Services” LLP
  11. “ASTEL” JSC
  12. “Engineering Center of Logistics Management” RSE on REM
  13. “Tengri Lab” JSC
  14. “ISV Central Asia” JSC
  15. “Digital Qalqan” JSC
  16. “Kcell” JSC
  17. “Web Totem” JSC
  18. “QazSoc” JSC
  19. “Zerde Business Solutions” JSC
  20. “Human Resources Development Center” JSC
  21. “KaR-Tel” LLP
  22. “JK Partners” LLP
  23. “Kazakhtelecom” JSC
  24. “KazOpticLink” LLP
  25. “AITIA” LLP
  26. “PS Internet Company” LLP
  27. “ORDA SOC” LLP
  28. “KazHackStan” LLP
  29. “DK Keleshek” LLP
  30. “IT-TRY” LLP
  31. “Seven Hills of Kazakhstan” LLP
  32. “Engineering and technical center OP RK” RSE on REM
  33. “BiZone Kazakhstan Ltd”
  34. “Republican Center for Space and Communication” JSC
  35. “MIDDLE COMM”  
  36. “Inova Tech” JSC
  37. “Communications Kazakhstan” JSC
  38.  “JB Works” JSC
  39. “RTeam” JSC
  40. “IT Novator” JSC

References to regulatory legal acts

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Informatization” 

Rules for the exchange of information necessary to ensure information security between operational information security centers and the National Information Security Coordination Center, approved by Order of the Minister of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 19, 2018 No. 48/NK

Qualification requirements and a list of documents confirming compliance with them for carrying out activities in the areas of information security and special technical means intended for conducting operational search activities, approved by Order No. 4 of the Chairman of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 30, 2015.