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National Information Security Coordination Center

In 2021, the UN International Telecommunication Union published the 4th edition of the report on the Global Cybersecurity Index, in which Kazakhstan rose to 31st place in the ranking (among the CIS countries, our country ranks 2nd after the Russian Federation).




Recall that according to the results of the 3rd edition published in 2019, Kazakhstan ranked 40th, in 2017 – 83rd, and according to the results of the first edition of the rating, which was published in 2015, it was not included in the Top 100.




The employees of the National Information Security Coordination Center (hereinafter – NISCC) carry out activities to identify threats and incidents of information security in the Kazakh segment of the Internet around the clock.




Within the framework of cooperation with international organizations, the NCCIB has built interaction on responding to and eliminating threats/incidents of the IB. The NISCC is a member of 6 specialized international organizations: FIRST, APWG, TF-CSIRT, OIC-CERT, CAMP and APCERT.




Memorandums of Understanding in the field of cybersecurity were signed with 17 specialized services of countries: France (THALES), the Russian Federation (Positive Technologies, Kaspersky Lab), Israel (Check Point, INCD), the UAE (aeCERT), Malaysia (Cyber Security Malaysia), Belarus (OAC under the President of the Republic of Belarus), Turkmenistan, Bangladesh (BGD e-GOV CIRT), China (CNCERT/CC), Bulgaria (CERT.BG ), Georgia (CERT.GOV.GE ), Indonesia (ID-CERT), Azerbaijan (CERT.GOV.AZ ), Uzbekistan (UZCERT), Republic of Moldova (CERT-GOV-MD), United Arab Emirates (aeCERT), Japan (JPCERT/CC), Ukraine (CERT-UA).




In order to develop cooperation with operational information security centers (hereinafter referred to as the OISC), measures were implemented aimed at improving the effectiveness of interaction in responding to threats and incidents of information security, meetings were held to familiarize with the activities of the OISC, on licensing the activities of the OISC, on the use of the OISC web platform and other issues, within which The digital Services carry out their activities.




In December 2021, NISCC employees took part in the SOC-Forum 2021 conference as listeners. As a result of the event, experience was gained in the construction and operation of SOC.


In October 2021, the NISCC took part in the 6th Annual Meeting of the SAMR, during which NISCC employees presented a video about the state of the information security of the Republic of Kazakhstan during 30 years of Independence. Also, this video was presented at the SAMR Regional Forum in November 2021.


Also in 2021, one of the NISCC employees took part as a speaker at the international conferences “Infoforum” and the “International Expert Forum of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on Information Security issues”.