JSC “State Technical Service” reports, in September of this year using the Unified Gateway Internet Access (UGIA) blocked more than 19 million cyberattacks.

The most common types of botnet in the networks of state, local executive bodies, organisations of quasi-governmental and private sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan were Mariposa.Botnet, andromeda.Botnet and Mozi.Botnet.

Compared to the previous month, in September, GTS recorded an increase in the number of cases related to the spread of malicious software (MSS) by 12%. The largest number was registered in local executive bodies.

During the analysis of spam reports received from the Unified Email Gateway (UEG) equipment, as well as during the processing of information security incidents received from Kazakhstani users, an increase in spam mailings with malicious attachments, emails with fraudulent content and links to phishing/fraudulent resources by 28.6% was recorded in government agencies, critical information and communication infrastructure and local executive bodies in September 2023. Spam mailings and malicious email attachments detected as a result of analysing the UEG logs were quarantined and not delivered to the target recipients. In order to eliminate malicious activity, notifications have been sent to the owners of Internet resources and foreign organisations of the countries where the sources of malicious activity are located.

We would like to add that the recorded information security incidents of the “Phishing on the Internet” type are mainly related to clones of Internet resources and authorisation forms.

If you have encountered an information security incident, please report it to us by calling the toll-free number 1400 (24 hours a day), by following the link to the telegram bot @KZ_CERT_chat_bot or by email: incident@cert.gov.kz.

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