Today Almaty hosted the first day of the annual practical cyber security conference KazHackStan Turan – Government & Business day.

The first day of the conference was dedicated to discussions and practical masterclasses aimed at interaction between government agencies and the business sector in the field of cyber security.

This year KazHackStan was attended by more than 3,000 people. More than 30 speakers from different countries are scheduled to speak during the conference.

The conference was opened by the report “Hacker or Hacked?”. Ralph Echemendia is a hacking coach for the US Marine Corps, NASA, Google, etc., as well as the technical director of the Hollywood movies “Savages”, “Snowden” and the TV series “Mr Robot”. Ralph explained misconceptions about hacking and hackers, and explained the importance of education and awareness when it comes to collective security.

On the same day, a plenary session was held on the topic: “Ensuring cyber resilience in Kazakhstan and the region”, where Askar Zhunisbek, Chairman of the Board of State Technical Service JSC, gave a speech.

In his speech, the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC “State Technical Service” emphasized the importance of cohesion to improve the sphere of information security in the public sector, and also voiced the creation of the Association for Information Security.

“…Today cyber security has become not just an industry, but an entire science, like medicine. We should not just ‘prescribe’ medicine, in the form of tech solutions, but prevent the beginning of an epidemic…”

In addition, he noted the problem of interaction between the National Information Security Coordination Centre and operational information security centres:

“…a part of the OISC, having received a license, actually does not provide IS services, which negatively affects the development of competition in this area. The statistics of interaction of NCCIS with OISCs today shows low activity of the majority of OISCs. …”

The conference programme includes panel sessions, sessions, speeches by top cybersecurity specialists and experts from the world’s leading “thought factories”.

The next two days of the conference will be devoted to the principles of secure software development, current vulnerabilities and modern defense techniques. The results of the cyberpolygon will be announced on 15 September.

More detailed information about the programme and speakers is available on the official KazHackStan.com website (https://kazhackstan.com).

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